Twitter Updates for 2010-11-08

2010 Noviembre 8
by Celestino Güemes Seoane
  • RockMelt, a new social browser… will it succeed were Flock failed? #
  • ¿Estimar sobre requisitos claramente establecidos? Por Dios, eso es de cobardes. Además, no existen esas bestias míticas :-) #
  • @koroccotta Esta semana, complicado lo voy a tener. Mucho viaje y trabajo. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-07

2010 Noviembre 7
by Celestino Güemes Seoane
  • Curiously, the new Republican majority in the US could mean more Open Data usage in e-Gov. #
  • TIOBE's popularity index for programming languages. Makes sense, mostly. #
  • Interesting reflection: "Technology principle: The toy will win". Mostly agree, but takes time. A lot, sometimes. #
  • Another suspicios move from Oracle: one free JVM, one premium one. #
  • MUST read, great, funny article from the creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams: "The Perfect Stimulus: Bad Management" #
  • Reading, reading, … #

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-06

2010 Noviembre 6
by Celestino Güemes Seoane

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-05

2010 Noviembre 5
by Celestino Güemes Seoane
  • Funny: smartphone wars are getting too similar to OS wars of yore, even in the jokes. #
  • The war for the social graph: Google asks Facebook for reciprocity in sharing contacts. #
  • Damn long urls! :-) Nielsen admits that it was undercounting web traffic due to failing with very long urls. #
  • Well, it seems that Xmarks will survive. Let's see what their premiun model is. #
  • Interesting stats for the "App Industry". #
  • Damn… they don't respect anything, now even BIOSes have GUI interfaces. #
  • @juanpt Tenéis unos cursos muy interesantes, una pena que la gente "mayor" como yo no pueda apuntarse. :-( #
  • @juanpt Muchas gracias!!! #
  • @raularabaolaza extremista, que eres un extremista :) #

Twitter Updates for 2010-10-22

2010 Octubre 22
by Celestino Güemes Seoane
  • @jaimeobregon En el sector suele ser más usual aplicación, muchas veces precedido por "Esa p*** m***** de" :-) in reply to JaimeObregon #
  • @LSMO_Madejon felicidades!!! ;) #
  • @JaimeObregon yes #
  • @Pggalan @LSMO_Nourdine a lo segundo me puedo apuntar yo? #
  • La reunión fue muy bien así que me he regalado una tarde de turisteo en Madrid y un juguete de cuerda Kikkerland (fascinantes) #
  • @Pggalan ya quedaremos un día para hablar :) #
  • Ahora si el avión sale en hora sería la repera :) #

Twitter Updates for 2010-09-28

2010 Septiembre 28
by Celestino Güemes Seoane
  • Love Marketingspeak: Windows Live Spaces, when quiting is called "partnering". But good news for Wordpress #
  • Ohhh, it's a pity. Xmarks shuts down. :-( Time to migrate. Options? Multi-browser support is important #
  • Curious: Badgeville, extending "badges" (like foursquare or stackoverflow) to other webs. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-09-14

2010 Septiembre 14
by Celestino Güemes Seoane
  • Great Dilbert strip: yes, this is what management really thinks about social media in many enterprises: #
  • This explains the problem with RSS readers: "It’s a mass consumption tool, not a consumption tool for the masses" #
  • Hacking a mind reader :-) : accesing the data of a Emotiv Epoc headset. #
  • Something to follow closely: Google's new approach to infraestructure could be great in apps like Sensor Networks #
  • The future data storm: how sensor networks will be the main source of Big Data #

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-30

2010 Agosto 30
by Celestino Güemes Seoane

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-29

2010 Agosto 29
by Celestino Güemes Seoane
  • Looks nice. But the "alpha" doesn't. Fennec (Mozilla mobile browser) released in alpha for Android and N900 #

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-27

2010 Agosto 27
by Celestino Güemes Seoane