Twitter Updates for 2010-11-05

2010 Noviembre 5
by Celestino Güemes Seoane
  • Funny: smartphone wars are getting too similar to OS wars of yore, even in the jokes. #
  • The war for the social graph: Google asks Facebook for reciprocity in sharing contacts. #
  • Damn long urls! :-) Nielsen admits that it was undercounting web traffic due to failing with very long urls. #
  • Well, it seems that Xmarks will survive. Let's see what their premiun model is. #
  • Interesting stats for the "App Industry". #
  • Damn… they don't respect anything, now even BIOSes have GUI interfaces. #
  • @juanpt Tenéis unos cursos muy interesantes, una pena que la gente "mayor" como yo no pueda apuntarse. :-( #
  • @juanpt Muchas gracias!!! #
  • @raularabaolaza extremista, que eres un extremista :) #
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